Exploring a Perfect Day in Paris

Perfect day in Paris. Are you getting ready for a fun day trip to Paris? We’ve got you covered with the best tips for an amazing day in the City of Light, from where to stay, where to eat, to cool things to do.

Where to Stay: Le Bristol Paris

If you want your day in Paris to be extra special, start by checking into Le Bristol Paris. This is a fancy hotel with 190 cool rooms, perfect for any traveler. Here’s a tip: Ask for a room facing the Eiffel Tower, and you can enjoy the view from your balcony every morning. Plus, you won’t have to go far for yummy food because the hotel has not one, but two top-notch restaurants – Epicure and 114 Faubourg – both have Michelin stars!

What to Eat: A Tasty Journey

Breakfast at Coutume: To kick off your day, go to Coutume, a cafe with great coffee and delicious food. They have special coffee beans and serve pancakes, eggs, and tasty tartines.

Lunch at Les Enfants du Marché: When it’s time for lunch, try Les Enfants du Marché. It’s a hidden gem inside an old market. They serve amazing seafood dishes, like mussels with gorgonzola sauce and sea urchins.

Dinner at Avant Comptoir de la Terre: For a quick and yummy dinner, visit Avant Comptoir de la Terre. They have small plates and tasty wines that everyone loves.

What to Do: Explore Paris Fun

Rent a Bike: To see Paris, rent an e-bike. They are everywhere and not too expensive. You can ride along the Seine River and enjoy the views.

Atelier de Lumiere: Go to Atelier de Lumiere to experience art like never before. You can walk into the art of Marc Chagall. This special art exhibit is open until January 2024.


Picnic with a View: Grab a baguette from a bakery, and then head to the Eiffel Tower. Instead of going to the top, relax on the grass and enjoy the beautiful view for free.

With these ideas, your day in Paris will be fantastic. You’ll eat yummy food, see incredible art, and enjoy the city’s famous sights. Paris is waiting for your perfect day!