Rocket Arena and The Crew: March 2024 Goodbyes

Rocket Arena and The Crew: March 2024 Goodbyes

We’ve got a bit of news that might hit you right in the feels. Two online multiplayer legends, Rocket Arena and The Crew, are gearing up to bid farewell to their servers in March 2024. Let’s take a closer look at this bittersweet goodbye party.

Rocket Arena: Lights Out on March 21, 2024

First up, the multiplayer sensation Rocket Arena, brought to us by the cool folks at Final Strike, made its grand entrance in 2020. But, whoa, plot twist! Last November, it pulled a disappearing act without even giving us a heads up. Now, as we approach the final countdown, you’ve got until March 21, 2024, to hop back into the rocket-fueled chaos. If Rocket Arena holds a special spot in your gamer heart, don’t miss the chance to relive the epic battles. Re-download it and soak in the memories until the servers bid their adieus.

The Crew: Pumping the Brakes on March 31, 2024

Shifting gears to The Crew – Ubisoft’s four-wheeled gem that hit the streets in 2014. Guess what? Just this week, it hit the brakes and pulled off the market, along with its in-game currency packs. Why the pit stop? Ubisoft spilled the tea, citing “upcoming server infrastructure and licensing restraints.” Despite its years, The Crew left its mark, boasting a massive 40 million players across the OG and its 2018 sequel.

But hold your horsepower, racing enthusiasts! As we say our goodbyes to The Crew, Ubisoft is keeping the adrenaline pumping. The Crew 2 and the brand-new The Crew Motorsport are revved up and ready for action. Ubisoft knows pulling the plug on The Crew is a big deal, but trust us, the racing adventures in its successors are just as thrilling.

Refunds and Nostalgia: The Crew’s Farewell Tour

Ubisoft gets it – saying goodbye to a game like The Crew isn’t a walk in the park. To ease the parting pain, they’re throwing out refunds for those who recently splurged on The Crew. If you’re in that boat, hit up the appeal process with a simple click. And hey, it’s not all sad vibes – Ubisoft took a moment to look back at the first COIN33 game, honoring its impact and setting the stage for the epic sequels.

What’s on the Horizon: A Sneak Peek into Tomorrow’s Gamescape

As Rocket Arena and The Crew take their final lap, it’s a reminder that the gaming world keeps evolving. But fret not, gaming pals! Ubisoft’s got some aces tucked away – The Crew 2 and The Crew Motorsport are here to ensure the racing thrills live on. So, if you’re a speed junkie, the adventure continues.

As the digital sun sets on Rocket Arena and The Crew, let’s raise a virtual toast to the epic battles and heart-pounding races – thanks for the good times!